Film and Television

David has worked on a variety of film and television projects over the past fifteen years in Germany, the United States, and Australia. From the trenches of filmmaking to the frenzied world of timetables and scheduling of line producing and assistant directing, David has benefited from experience on all sides of media production. He is currently the features curator of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, where he can put his love of innovative and experimental independent film to good use. David has also been involved with genre festival MonsterFest and the Boston Underground Film Festival.

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Selected Highlights

David Joseph Clarke - TEN Butcher

TEN the movie – an award-winning psychological thriller with many twists, by Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein. Starring a 99.8% all female cast and crew, this movie has been a rousing success on the festival circuit and is now available on DVD and on Amazon Prime Instant Video for your video-watching delight.

David worked as first assistant editor on the movie, helping wrangling cats, painting wine bottles with molasses, and even managing to sneak a cameo as… oh, but that would be spoiling. Find out more at the official website.