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David Joseph Clarke has written and published a variety of articles and stories over the years, ranging from game design articles to tales of fantasy, including some published under other names. He is also responsible for editing Suction Cup Dreams: An Octopus Anthology, and is currently putting the finishing touches on his second anthology project, Dali-ances: The Salvador Dali Anthology which is missing its original publishing deadline by only two years, ahem, which offers some leeway in improvement for future projects.

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David Joseph Clarke Suction Cup Dreams

The world’s first cephalopod-focused anthology, Suction Cup Dreams contains twelve short stories about the most noble of marine creatures, the octopus.

A romance in an ancient temple. A mysterious stranger in a dusty Western town. A confrontation beneath the waves. Tropical islands and ancient mysteries. Merchants of alien pearls. Desolate futures and mystical pasts.

Take a dive into these twelve original tales of the noble octopus and drift into suction cup dreams. From science fiction over horror to heartbreaking love story, each tale offers a unique perspective of one of the our planet’s most intelligent and curious lifeforms.

In this anthology are works by Camille Alexa, Brenda Anderson, T.E. Grau, Ives Hovanessian, Joe Jablonski, Jamie Lackey, Claude Lalumière, D. Thomas Minton, Karen Munro, Danna Joy Staaf, Elizabeth Twist, and Henry W. Ulrich. Each story is lovingly accompanied by an illustration by the talented Natasha Aldred.

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